Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 20, 2010. Radishes, onions and peas are up. The lettuces are doing great. What a delight to see these plants bursting through the soil. The swiss chard, Multicolor Bright Lights, I planted in peat pots is up. Next week I will plant them in bunches of three in the perennial beds throughout the garden. There's still so much to do. Two large beds 9' x 7' x 24" will have to be excavated. The large poplars in the park behind my place have invaded the beds breaching through the weed matt that linned the base and sides. What a chore. It has cooled off quite dramaticly so I'll tackle that job tomorrow, if it doesn't rain.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 13, 2010. By this date I'd have most of the garden beds dug and planted. Multiplier onions would be showing green shoots, early Yugoslavian lettuce and green romaine lettuces would be up at the two leaf stage. But not his year. The soil is still cool and wet. Fork in hand I dug a bed and was surprised how easily it turned over and without cling to the fork. It's the compost. I raked and levelled the bed and planted multipier onions, radishes lettuce. In a month or less I hope to be eating my first lettuce sandwich with a side of onions and radishes.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Welcome to my new blog.

I'm a luddite, so this blog is a big leap and new venture for me. What I hope to post on this blog is my interest in gardening. This year it's been a slow.start. The weather has been cold and wet. I'm waiting for the sun.