Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Welcome to my new blog.

I'm a luddite, so this blog is a big leap and new venture for me. What I hope to post on this blog is my interest in gardening. This year it's been a slow.start. The weather has been cold and wet. I'm waiting for the sun.


  1. Hi Vic, I went looking for you on Facebook, but somehow found this. .
    how are you? I'm here in adeklaide, Australia, doing a bit of ceramics art and filmmaking (3D modelling and animation at the moment. I have almost given up veggie gardening due to possums rats and grubs, as well as drought last 10 years except this year! Have some tomatoes basil and mint etc growing in pots oregano grows like a weed here
    good to know you are still there in Regina, cheers Margaret Dodd