Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Gazebo for Grow Regina

This is my working model, a maquette 15" high and 24" in diameter, laser cut in MDF, a representation of the gazebo planned for Grow Regina. Large or small, a gazebo is a refreshing focal point in the garden, providing shade, shelter, rest and intimate views of the surrounding landscape. It's a place where life and art are rooted; a place where the smell of wet earth, the sight and feel of nature's fecundity and the rhythm of its unfailing cycles reminds us of our place in creation. And it's a place to watch butterflies and bees among the flowers, to delight in the passing seasons, the evening moon and the morning star.

This gazebo is still a work in progress. The Cicansky Gazebo is being planned for installation next year at the Grow Regina Community Gardens, and will be fabricated of powder-coated metal. It will also be  available in sizes from 25 feet in diameter to the size of a child's dollhouse. The railing around the gazebo can be custom-designed using a child's drawings, or a variety of other designs.

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